Telemental Health: Is it Potent in Managing Anxiety Situation?

2020 has hit people hard in so many ways, and uplifting one’s consciousness and living with effectiveness has become much strenuous.

Living under covers, inside their homes for almost six months is now showing signs of frustration, anxiety panic attacks, the constant fear of contracting the novel virus and much more is altogether causing people to lose control over their sane, established personality and fall more and more into depression, emotional agitation, and fearsome existence.

Even if one is consuming enough healthy diet and sufficient nutrition, the mind plays a vital role in regulating a better concentration, an ability to perform everyday tasks without the prevalence of any mental or physical distraction.

After considering the present atmosphere of consistent uncertainty, loss, despair, and destruction at a rapid pace, there has been an adequate amount of increase in Telemental Health Care, or which could also be called Teletherapy.

What is Teletherapy/Telemental Health?

Telemental health care refers to online mental therapy and counseling between a mental health professional/ expert and a client. It is an effective way to help the professional, and his client communicates with each other and seeks help.

Mental well-being is all about how effectively and to what extent one can confide in someone to open up about the cause of their anxiety, how do they feel while there is an occurrence of an Anxiety attack? How do they manage themselves at that particular time and much more?

Being able to talk about certain things that might be bothering you is the key to come out of the dark web of depression and emotional suffering. Teletherapy sessions and mental wellness counseling have escalated over the years as talking about your spiritual condition, feelings, and triggered emotions have become a standard norm.

People feel the need to speak out to function in their daily life more freely, efficiently, and be peaceful and hopeful in their outlook about the future.

Mental Health Therapy sessions through the use of innovative technology have made the mental counseling much more comfortable and more convenient for people who fear going outside and schedule themselves for an appointment with a psychologist or mental health professional.

There may be options available for their indulgence and comfort. Such as:

  • Group therapy session for a Rehabilitating particular group (Cancer, drug or tobacco, PTSD patients, etc.)
  • Couple therapy by video conferencing
  • The online scheduling of time and date for an individual therapy session to enable a specialized health treatment or talk.
  • Availability of chat rooms for personalized and private one to one online session with the professional
  • Therapy Apps.

How is Telemental Health more effective in managing anxiety situation?

Telemental Health has been into rising more because of the Covid-19 situation and the perpetual fear to go out and encounter crowd and group of people, especially after so many months of isolation and close encounter with health crises in the outside world.

For people with Agoraphobia (skeptic to go amongst people and be social) and individuals who fear coming in contact with a COVID positive person outside, the availability of mental health care session via online therapy, video conferencing, private chat rooms, etc. solves the problem of going out and confronting a stranger.

In-session Therapy is out of option right now and isn’t very safe to go for in so many cases. Even if it is not the social distancing requirement during the pandemic situation, some people will always prefer a discreet, not-to encounter the outside world option, and the others won’t have enough time to access in-person therapy options.

People also have suggested that when one can go for telemedicine as an add-on in their list of convenience, then why not telemental health therapy.

But, since it’s only been talked about anxiety situations in particular here, it is advisable not to go for telemental therapy for a more extended period. Observation of a significant change in a short period might be as good as it can be.

Still, in severe problems, it is always better to try and meet the therapist in-person as studying the body language in real and not via some screen or messages will not help your therapist find out the root cause of your issues.

Now, anxiety is always a generalized term for millennials, but it has a more profound category to be able to treat oneself properly through the potential mental health professional. The types could be:

  • Compulsive or Obsessive Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress Disorder Anxiety, for individuals who might have been through a traumatic event and often feel the occurrence of panic attacks due to experiencing anxiety.
  • Social Anxiety.

These anxieties are curable with certain activities which might be asked to you by your therapist to keep you distracted from the unwanted, negative, and stressful thoughts.

Some Limitations to Telemental Health Care

  • Environmental Issues

Some clients may face little privacy at home, or maybe the therapist in practice might not have a similar kind of discreet and private environment around him/her to have a session online with the client. These matters, according to the advisory of HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), are to be kept between Client-Therapist and are incredibly confidential.

  • Technical Disturbances

Technical difficulties are an inevitable issue and can cause a disruption in-between the session. The things might be distorted and unheard due to poor connectivity, and the whole purpose remains entirely unserved.

  • Client Anonymity

The client might prefer to keep his/ her identity anonymous, and in that case, the therapist might have a hard time distinguishing and identifying who has more chance to cause harm to himself or someone else. The duty to inform correct authorities about any occurrence becomes impossible in that case.