Stress Rash: How does stress trigger your already existing skin condition and how do you treat them?

Now and then, we experience stress as it is a part of our life. With everyday work and a hectic schedule to follow, a little bit of pressure and anxiety become part of us. But it is not always the mental manifestation of stress, but it could be physically visible to one.

When we specify physical manifestation of stress, that would mean a change in health or skin condition. That’s right! Our skin could show how deeply or at what level we are mentally stressed because, ultimately, everything is connected with our mental health.

Generally, stress can visibly appear as rashes on your skin, whether you are already suffering from any skin condition. But the chronic or frequent tress case would show severe signs of skin conditions and has several side effects.

Stress Rash is any skin flare-up triggered when you are under a lot of pressure or stress and could turn violent if the stress signs become severe. There are always chances that a person going through a lot of work or life pressure could experience hives. It is not still necessarily true that a psychological issue could not show physical signs.

There are several ways your skin could suffer due to you under a lot of stress. This article will discuss the various effects stress has on your skin.

Effects of Stress on Skin

Usually, there are certain areas where rashes repeatedly appear due to persistent stress, and the site generally is where you experience any already occurring sin condition. One such skin condition is hives raised and red-colored spots that could arise in any body part.

One might feel a tingling or burning sensation along with itchiness if they are experiencing hives on the skin. The frequent occurrence of hives ould occur due to many other reasons such as sudden exposure to cold and heat sensation, any specific antibiotic or certain kind of infection, and other times emotional stress triggers a hive outbreak.

Stress can cause an uncertain release of hormones, which change suddenly, causing the blood vessels “to expand and leak” that leads to swollen patches. In other cases, in these times, caffeine or alcohol consumption could make these rashes even worse.

There are also chances that if you are a patient of eczema, your stress could trigger your skin condition, causing the infection to occur again and appear as small patches that spread and form into red patches. Another kind of skin condition could be rosacea, which rarely appears on the face and continues to exist for weeks or months.

Why does Stress Rash Occur & What can you do to treat it?

One of the sources have mentioned that when we are stressed about something, the cortisol levels in our body rises and the rise of cortisol level often leads to an increased amount of oil production that causes your skin to react. There are acne breakouts on your body, if not rash.

Under the influence of stress, our body produces more amount of oil and does release certain inflammatory chemicals that make us feel uncomfortable. Moreover, an expert says that the relationship between stress and why our skin reacts the way it does by the appearance of rashes is still unclear, but it is established that the connection isn’t direct.

The best way to treat stress rash is to go for home remedies or non prescribed medications such as antihistamines cortisone cream that would reduce the feeling of itching or inflammation over the affected area. If your rashes continue to occur, it means that you need to pay a visit to a skin specialist who might also be able to diagnose if there are any other developments of skin disease.

One can manage stress by meditating or trying to perform regular exercise to keep the mind and body healthy. This would enable to keep pressure a little less than it is usually is.

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