Late evening meals might not be good for a woman’s Heart, says a Study

Over the years, women have empowered themselves to vote, write revolutionary content, and transform themselves into strong businesswomen. There is much more to be done by us as individuals and form a revolutionary identity of themselves. But meanwhile, we need to be as pertinent health-wise to conquer the world.

In today’s world, work seems more relevant and essential than sparing few hours to grasp meals. Working women tend to face eating at inappropriate timings, which is one of the leading causes of heart health issues. How can you think of conquering the world when you don’t have your stomach full?

A study has mentioned that women who are in the habit of disregarding their proper mealtime and eating late evening meals tend to have more cardiovascular conditions. The study showed that women who maintained eating at a strict time during the day had more chances of losing weight. Still, procrastinating eating at an appropriate time could cause weight gain due to slow metabolic mechanisms.

Experts say that there are chances of inflammatory markers in such women who are consuming late meals instead of having them earlier during the day. It is essential to correctly assign timings to one’s meal as it could benefit controlled blood sugar levels and low chances of developing conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

The Research

An associate research scientist at the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, Nour Makarem, and his team led this study about the effects of late evening meals on women’s heart health. Researchers considered about 112 healthy women who were of and above the age of 33 years and participated in this study.

Based on the seven simple modifiable risk factors in a person’s life related to cardiovascular health, the experts analyzed these women. These seven modifiable risk factors are defined by American Heart Association and include; blood sugar, physical activity, diet, weight, smoking habits, and blood sugar levels in a woman.

Based on the scores of these seven simple cardiovascular and from the electronic diaries kept by women regarding their meal timings in a week. These observational scores showed that women who were habitual of consuming meals after 6 PM had poor cardiovascular health. It also affected these women’s blood pressure and body mass index, which increased and turned poorer.

The same was also in women eating meals after 8 PM as their calorie intake increased by 1 percent. Also, the lead author of the study mentioned to Medical News Today saying,

These preliminary results indicate that intentional eating that is mindful of the timing and proportion of calories in evening meals may represent a simple, modifiable behavior that can help lower heart disease risk.

~ Nour Makarem

It specifies the need to be mindful of the time and habit we are practicing in our everyday routine, and it would probably be necessary to eat at an appropriate time. Having a sense of eating at a proper time could solve half of the problems and reduce the risk of heart diseases in women.

So, ladies, it is time you divert your mind to early consumption of meals rather than going in for late evening meals and stocking up more calories.

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